For Budget Travelers

You can save more on your budget when you are travelling in a group preferably on your own itinerary, sometimes even in group tour provided by agencies.

But while group tours frees you from the hassle of thinking of where to go for lunch, what hotels to book and transportation, the options of seeing the places you wish to see are crippled by the whims of the tour managers.

So if you are on a budget, I suggest you make your own group -of either your family or friends. Or both. But if you want to travel solo or with only a friend/husband/wife, use the local transportation more. You’ll be surprised with the number of tourists travelling in local transportation.

And, thanks to the world wide web, you can book local transportation at any parts of the world you want to. I hired local cars, booked seats in buses even overseas train through internet (albeit after research) and everything was fine. But be very aware of doing cash transactions not do it if it is not a secured web server.

Hotels plays a vital part of your budget through agoda, for international hotels. They give good rates and transaction goes smoothly. Not to mention you get what you see.

But for more costly countries like in Europe or Japan, there’s always airbnb. You can stay in people’s houses in costs much cheaper than in hotels. Some hosts are so warm they even welcome you as their own guests, sharing their food free of charge with you..chatting up with you like long lost friend.

Remember: Budget travelling needs a bit of planning and a WHOLE lot of researching. To see the details of how I plan my budget, click on the link