Recently, A friend of mine asked me to make a Euro Trip itinerary for her spanning 6 countries (of her choice) in 14days. While it will be hectic, it’s not impossible.
I researched and tailor-made one for her which am sharing here. Do let me know your opinions on this matter.

Day 1-3: LONDON

(this is my list of recommended, there’s  more to see which cannot be covered in 3days)

  • London Bridge
  • Tower of London
  • Botanical Garden
  • Globe Theater
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Kensington Palace
  • Westminsiter Abbey

Note: Get a LONDON PASS and an OYSTER TRAVELCARD. You get free entry over 70 attractions for time frame of 1,2,3,6 or 10days. The travel card allows you unlimited travel on London transports.

Day 4-5: PARIS

Hit the metro to see the below-mentioned places. Get TRANSPORT TRAVEL CARD PARIS VISITE and 2-Day Paris Museum Pass .


  • Notre Dame, St Chapelle, (metro station: Cité)
  • Hotel de Ville -outside view (metro station line 1 at Hotel de Ville)
  • Arc de Triomphe (metro station Etoile) walk down to Champs Elysees Avenue to Grand and Petit Palais and then walk along the Seine river to Pont AlexandreIII.
  • Returm to the Champs Avenue and head towards Concorde, Tuileries, Louvre. The Louvre is open Wednesday evening until 9:45pm.

SECOND DAY: Take the train to Versailles Chateau or Rive Gauche for day trip, return to Paris and visit the Eiffel.

Day 6-7: BELGIUM

Stay in Ghent.

  • Day 6: Reaching Ghent and exploring the town.
  • Day 7: Get an early train to Brugge, just over an hour away away. See the postcard perfect sights of Brugge.

Suggested: a bike ride through the countryside to the small town of Damme and back. The ride follows the canal –

After that, catch the train to the coast, to Oostende (about 30 minutes) and wal along the famous promenade. Return to Ghent.


Take atleast the 7:45 train to arrive at 11:30am.

Focus on the sights north of the river. 

To see: Eiserner Steg (Iron Bridge), Customs Tower , Wertheim House, Historisches Museum, Ostzeile, Alte Nikolaikirche , Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen,  St. Bartholemew’s  Cathedral

To eat: traditional dinner in Max On One, tasty cocktails at 22nd Lounge and Bar


To see: Beyer Watch MuseumLindenhof square, Grand Church (Grossmunster), Opera house , Lake Zurich

To eat: Cheese Fondue at Swiss Chuchi, A Cup Of  Coffee At Café Schober

Day 10-11: VENICE

Suggested Train schedule to follow:
Train from ZUERICH HB station at 09:09 to MILANO CENTRALE 12:35pm. Lunch.
Train from MILANO CENTRALE station at 14:45 to VENEZIA SANTA LUCIA at 17:10.

Hop into a vaporetto for a cruise in the Grand Canal between Piazza San Marco and the Ferrovia (train station) or Piazzale Roma (car park)

Dinner : Just remember in Venice, 7–8pm is about normal for starting dinner, and many restaurants shut their kitchens before 9pm. Head towards Piazza San Marco to listen to the duelling string trios and piano players playing.


  • 9am: Campanile di San Marco [20mins]
  • 9:25am: Basilica di San Marco [1hour]
  • 11:30am: (pre-booked) “Secret Itineraries” tour at Doge’s Palace
  • Lunch.
  • Head towards Rialto Bridge, a Renaissance stone span lined by shops.
  • Rialto Market on the far (S. Polo) side, then thread your way south through the S. Polo district to the Scuola Grande di San Rocco.

(Note: If you’re running ahead of schedule, you can take 15–20 minutes to see the church of I Frari with its art by Bellini, Donatello, and Titian, who is buried here.)

  • Visit the Accademia Gallery  [75mins]
  • Gondola Ride (you cannot do without it if you are in Venice)

Train to Rome: take the TRENITALIA train (last good train to catch leaves at 6:25pm to arrive at 9:53m) from Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia to Roma Tiburtina.

Reach Rome. Rest.

Day 12-13: ROME


The 24hour OMNIA VATICAN CARD allows you free entry to Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel. The ROMA PASS includes 2 free entries (3-day pass) or 1 free entry (2-day pass) to the museums or archeological sites of your choice, without having to pass by the ticket counter. Also use of public trasnportation is free.

FIRST DAYStart from Hotel bright and early (depending how far you are staying from St. Peter’s Basilica).

  • 7am: St.Peter’s Basilica. [1hour 40minutes]
  • 8:45am: Exit St.Peter’s Basilica to walk towards the entrance of Vatican Museum which opens at 9am. (15mins walking distance).

You’ll have time only for the highlights of its artistic wonders : the Pinacoteca painting gallery with Raphael’s Transfiguration and Caravaggio’s Deposition, the Raphael Rooms, and Sistine Chapel ceiling.

  • 11am: Exit and head towards the Tiber Bend of the city.
  •  Lunch.
  • Pantheon and the nearby church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, with its Michelangelo Risen Christ statue and Filippo Lippi frescoes.
  • Piazza Navona.

Day 2 of ROME:

Morning: Take the earliest reservation possible (8:30am first booking but hard to get) at the Galleria Borghese villa, packed with baroque paintings by Caravaggio and sculptures by Bernini. Swing by the antiquities-filled Palazzo Massimo alle Terme branch of the Museo Nazionale Romano on your way down to tour the Roman Forum.

Ticket booking à

  • Roman Forum (1hour)
  • Lunch.
  • Colosseum. You just kind of look at it, take a peek inside at the floor plan, and you’re done (save time in the often long lines by booking your entry ahead).
  • Trevi Fountain,it is tradition to toss a few coins in order to ensure you’ll return to the Eternal City.

Book a Nightjet Train to Vienna for the journey of 13hours. (TheT3 Cabin comprises of 3beds, 1 wash basin and 1 WC. Small breakfast provided in the morning. Price: USD69 if booked in advance)

Day 14-15: VIENNA

Get a VIENNA PASS to save time and money. You get free entry to +60 attractions, museums and tours including hop-on-hop-off bus.

First Day Sightseeing:

  • 9:30am: Imperial Palace
  • 11am: Royal Treasury
  • 12:15pm: St. Peter’s Church (Peterskirche)
  • 12:45pm: Plague Column (Pestsaule) PHOTOSTOP
  • St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom) [1HOUR]
  • City Park (Stadtpark) [30MINS]
  • Take the metro to Vienna Prater and Viennese Giant Ferris Wheel (Wiener Riesenrad)


  • 09:30 AM: Belvedere Palace (Belvedere Schloss) [1hour]
  • 10:45 AM: Schwarzenbergplatz and Soviet War Memorial [PHOTOSTOP]
  • 11:15 AM: St. Charles’s Church (Karlskirche) [1hour]
  • 12:30 PM : Vienna State Opera (Wiener Staatsoper) [PHOTOSTOP]
  • 12:45 PM: Burggarten and Mozart Statue [PHOTOSTOP]
  • Lunch
  • 03:00 PM: Natural History Museum (Naturhistorisches Museum) and Kunsthistorisches Museum [1hour 30minutes]

The museums are built in the 19th century to house the Habsburgs’ collections. They face each other and have an identical exterior. Choose only one of them to see, as you will need about 2 hours to see any of them.

  • 04:30 PM: Austrian Parliament building [PHOTOSTOP]
  • 04:45 PM: New City Hall (Rathaus) [PHOTOSTOP]
  • 05:15 PM: Votive Church (Votivkirche) [30mins]
    It’s a stunning church with amazing stained glasses. Do not miss it



Arunachal Pradesh (12N 13D)

Day 1: Guwahati/Tezpur to Bhalukpong (you can hire a car from Guwahati for the 217km distance or take the train to Rangapara which is 46km from Bhalukpong)

Day 2:

  • Bhalukpong Tipi Orchid Garden (though nothing spectacular if you ask me, just okay)
  • Your permits required to be checked in Bhalukpong before entering Arunachal via road.
  • Bhalukpong to Bomdila (100km)

Day 3: Bomdila

Day 4: Bomdila to Tawang

Day 5: Tawang sightseeing

Day 6: Pangateng Tso Lake and Madhuri Lake Day Tour

Day 7: Tawang to Dirang

Day 8: Dirang

Day 9: Dirang to Itanagar

Day 10: Itanagar to Ziro

Day 11: Ziro

Day 12: Return through Guwahati (Train from Naharalagun, 9km from Itanagar or 12 hour bus journey from Itanagr to Guwahati)

Note: private car hiring recommmended for Arunachal Tour



Click here to see the Sample Itineraries


Thailand is a destination for beach goers, people who wants a relaxed vacation or simply a group of youths wanting to have best time of their lives..

Budget: roughly 350$ starting for 4N 5Days..

Tourist Visa Info:

Its available online (e-visa) on payment of 1000 THB valid for 3 months or you can opt for visa on arrival (for selected countries only). Same price.

As Thailand is the gateway for many countries surrounding it like Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar..tourists often opt for multiple entry visa which is available.

For more information, please click on the below link


Thailand can best be described as tropical and humid for the majority of the country during most of the year. The area of Thailand north of Bangkok has a climate determined by three seasons while the southern peninsular region of Thailand has only two. As the touristy places are more in the southern peninsular region, you need to have a big bottle of sunscreen, hat & water bottle in your hand wherever you go.

Best time for visit:

November to February when the temperature is cool but cool as on average of 27°C even in January with high humidity, so be warned!

Tourist Draws: (Click on each names to know more)

Sample Itineraries:

[I] Bangkok-Phuket: (6N 7D)

Bangkok Arrival-ChaoPhraya River Cruise(Day1),Bangkok Safari World (Day 2), Phuket Arrival-Bangla Road (Day3), Phuket Sightseeing and Beach (Day4-5), Phang Nga Bay (Day6), Return

[II] Bangkok-Pattaya-Phuket: (7N 8D)

Bangkok Arrival-Patpong Night Market Visit(Day1), Pattaya Arrival-Nightlife Enjoy (Day2), Pattaya Attractions (Day 3-4), Phuket Arrival-Bangla Road (Day5), Phuket Sightseeing and Beach (Day6-7), Return

[III] Bangkok-Krabi-Phuket (7N 8D)

Bangkok Arrival-Patpong Night Market Visit/ChaoPhraya River Cruise(Day1), Krabi Arrival-Wat Kaew Korawaram, Railay beach/Tab Kak Hang Nak Hill Nature (Day 2), Day Trip: Ao Thalane/Four Island Tour/Phi-Phi Island Tour/Hong Island Tour (Day3-4 or only Day3), Cruise to Phuket (Day 5), Phuket Sightseeing and Beach (Day6-7), Return



Koh Samui

The major reason why people come to Samui is to enjoy the beaches. Even though the two main beaches of Chaweng and Lamai have generally suffered due to mass development over the past decade, they are still relatively impressive.

As on many islands in Thailand, motorbikes are available for rent. Hire a motorbike, electric bike, bicycle or a car to get around. A day or two is enough to see whatever is to see. But remember, its entirely a beach destination.

ko samui\



Places to see (click on the words to know)
Big Buddha, Promthep Cape, Naka Weekend Market, Wat Chalong, Phuket Old Town, Wat Khao Rang, Karon Viewpoint, Beaches, Bangla Road, Phang Nga Bay,
Khao Sok National Park (Surat Thani), Phi Phi Islands Trip, River Tubing & Jungle Safari at Kapong, Krabi Kayaking and Adventure Day Trip, Similan and Surin Island

Phuket Island Sightseeing Tours:
Big Buddha: I think this is the only sight where you won’t be charged an entry fee. The statue itself is stunning. The best time to visit is sunrise..the view is stunning always but big bucks photo can be captured at sunrise at the viewpoint. You should rent a motorbike or use a tour since there is no public transportation.

Big Buddha

Promthep Cape: This location is Phuket’s best-known and most photographed sight. Every evening large tour buses, bikes, private cars crowd at the Rawai Beach and up the island’s southernmost hill to watch the sunset which never fails to amaze the tourists.

Promthep Cape

Naka Weekend Market: Almost everything gets sold here even including pet animals. But it’s the best place for foodies. The stalls open about 4 p.m. and most of them close about 10-11 p.m.

Naka Weekend Market

Wat Chalong: Nice temple with lot of Thai architecture and culture to see. But it’s better to not visit in weekends during which it becomes crowded.

Wat Chalong

Phuket Old Town: This part of Phuket is steeped in history dating back to the time when the city was found in the tin mining period. There are many quirky shops, local food, beautiful architecture and historical sites. Definitely recommend if you like a charming city. Try to visit on a Sunday when you will find a great market in the center of the old town.

Phuket Old Town

Wat Khao Rang: A large golden Budhha statue sits in a peaceful setting. It’s not as large as the marble one, but if you have time, give this temple a visit.

Wat Khao Rang

Karon Viewpoint: Although not the best view but still great view of Kata Noi and Kata beaches. You can also see the Marble Buddha from here.

Karon Viewpoint


I am categorizing the beaches from the best to worst as per my own opinion by comparing the amount of crowd, cleanliness and serenity you’ll get in each beach.
Laem Ka Beach best beach in Phuket in terms of less crowd..and peaceful
Singh Beach relaxed vibe and some incredible snorkeling.
Cherng Talay less crowded than Patong , have a good choice of international restaurants, bars, and beach clubs.
Kalim Bay great place for surfers
Kata and KaronBeaches best laid back Phuket beach experience
Patong most famous and most crowded

Bangla Road There are not only Lady Bars and Ping Pong Shows, but rather plenty of bars with live music and some large discotheques like the Hollywood or Illuzion, which is a mix of club and show.
Again do not take children with you while visiting this area, as this is the red light district of Phuket.

If you like to see a Thai fight then Bangla Boxing Stadium in Patong comes strongly recommended. It is located on the second floor and it has a great atmosphere during the fights. They start normally around 9 p.m. until midnight. There are always more fights throughout the evening. Tickets are starting at around 1700 baht.

Bangla Road
Day Trips:

Phang Nga Bay: It’s all about exploring the Bay riding in manned canoes under gorgeous caves. You will see beautiful rock formations, lush forests. Only one word would suffice this day trip: Beautiful.

Phang Nga Bay

Khao Sok National Park (Surat Thani) Khao Sok National Park is a dense virgin jungle with huge limestone karsts formations and the man-made Cheow Lan Lake. It is home to many varieties of rare species of animals and plants such as the giant parasitic Rafflesia flower, hornbill birds, gibbons and tigers. The park can be explored by elephant-back safari, hiking trail, and raft, canoe or kayak via the Sok river.
Do research to find the best tour group rather than booking through your hotel to have the best experience. 2day 1night is best for this trip but you can always extend to more.
Khao sok national Park

Private Phi Phi Day Trip: I have already discussed this trip in Krabi section.

For adventure loving people:

River Tubing & Jungle Safari at Kapong: you’ll get to spend a day with elephants. The elephants are well tended. You will get to feed them and can also watch elephant bathing. And if you want to try river tubing, go for this trip even if you don’t know swimming. Most of the tour guides are very professional.


Krabi Kayaking and Adventure Day Trip a day exploring mangrove forests in the Ao Thalane region.

Ao Thalane

If you don’t mind staying overnight on tents, I would recommend to visit Similan and Surin Island where you can do underwater diving, snorkeling and swimming in your element.