Tana Toraja- celebrating death in style

The tribe which celebrates Death in Style!

This is a highland region of Southern Sulawesi, nearest airport Makassar, nearest hotel at Rantepao.  Although the inhabitants are Christians, the people of the Toraja are famous for their spectacular burial rites. These people view death as a form of celebration. So after a person’s death, the corpse is kept for some time (read even years) until adequate funds are accumulated to organize a weeklong festival. The corpse is then either buried in a small cave, or inside a hollow tree or left exposed in a bamboo frame hanging from a cliff.

Although you may not be able to view this festivity (as it is always a matter of luck you to be there when this festival occurs), the village itself is beautiful with intricately decorated houses with sloping roofs. You can easily spend a day or two here exploring the village.

Tana Toraja


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