Petaling Jaya

places to visit: (click on the names to know)

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, Thai Chetawan Temple (Wat Chetawan), Secret Garden Utama, Gunung Nuang

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park: another kid oriented entertainment centre.

Forest Research Institute of Malaysia: FRIM is a manmade forestry environment set up back in the 1920s. You can get an insight into what Malaysia looked like in the earlier century. There is a museum and a gallery but the highlight of your excursion will be the Canopy Walk which however, if raining or foggy, access restricted. But be in appropriate clothing as you’ll encounter leeches & mosquitoes along the way.

Forest Research Institute of Malaysia

Thai Chetawan Temple (Wat Chetawan): A Thai style Buddhist temple. There is always a monk present to give blessings. The temple ground is quite pleasant enough to roam around for prayers.

Wat Chetawan

Secret Garden Utama: Situated on the rooftop of  1Utama Shopping Mall (only on weekends), this is the paradise for photographers. It is a good place for a stroll through plants and flowers around amidst serenity.

Secret Garden Utama

Gunung Nuang: This is an amazing hike for seasoned hikers with total climb distance 12km (one way). If you get to the top and there is no rain, the view is amazing.

Gunung Nuang


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