Kota Kinabalu

places to visit: (click on the names to know)

Sightseeing: Kota Kinabalu City MosqueTanjung Aru Beach, Manukan Island,

Half Day Tour: North Borneo Railway, Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park, Sapi Island, Mamutik Island,

Day Tour: Kokol Hill, Kota Kinabalu National park

About: On the island of Borneo, this is the gateway to the famous Kinabalu National Park.

Kota Kinabalu City Mosque: It is basically a photostop for tourists. Because you need to be of Islam religion to be inside..but don’t worry there’s nothing much to see also from inside. The exterior is lovely and picturesque. Just admire the grandeur of the building and the beautiful lake around it. Its best views are from the roadside

.kota kinabalu city mosque

Manukan Island: Manukan Island provides best beach for snorkelling in Malaysia. The water gets clearer further you get from the shore..however the best views are beyond the buoys. As for the beach, it is crowded and dirty. The toilet and changing room are, till date in poor condition.

North Borneo Railway: If you have always fancied steam train..then don’t miss this opportunity to spend half a day on the train chugging along pretty Borneo villages. Unfortunately, these trains are vintage ones with carriages as seen in b/w photographs, so most often breakdowns are part of the adventure..and you may get some refund in that case. But don’t let that scenario stop you from you get to see some nice sights along the way. There are 4 stops to small villages and a Buddhist temple as well as a village market.

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 North Borneo Railway                                                                                                                                                           

Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park: A group of islands located between 3 to km off Kota Kinabalu forms this preserved marine park. You can do underwater diving as well as snorkelling here. Ask the lifeguards for the best spot for see fishes. Otherwise..there is low visibility in some areas.

 Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park

Sapi Island: Although snorkelling will be not that great, you can spend your day relaxing. White sandy beaches and clear blue ocean.

sapi island

Mamutik Island: As like all other beaches, it is crowded. But it you want bit secluded spot, veer towards the left from where the place you pay the entry fee, follow the track leading to the sunset point and turn left down the steep hill, there you will find a mostly empty beach and clear water. Best snorkelling spot is at a small reef right off the beach.

Mamutik Island

Tanjung Aru Beach: Best spot to capture the sunset. It’s also a lovely one to just walk along the beach. And the bonus is there’s a night market where you get to have some really good food.

Tanjung Aru Beach

Kokol Hill: A 40minute drive from Kota Kinabalu, it has two well-known resorts- Kokol Haven and Kasih Sayang Resort. The main reason people visit are to enjoy the panoramic views of Kota Kinabalu and to spend a day with friends and family. Besides that, there’s nothing much to do.

Kokol Hill

Kota Kinabalu National park: This park is designated by UNESCO to be of significant universal values and this is one of the important biological sites of the world. You can climb the Kinabalu mountain (2D 1N climb) or you can follow a trail around the park. The maps at the park entrance are almost you can  grab them to roam around on your own or you can take the guided tour. If you are in Kinabalu, do not give this place a miss.

Kota Kinabalu National park


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