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Places to see (click on the words to know)

Temple Tour & Palace Tour: Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho, Wat Traimit, Wat Arun

Cultural Tour of Bangkok: Flower Market, Floating Market

Bangkok Art Galleries: Art in Paradise, Puppet Show

Patpong Night Market

Kids Tour

Day Tour: Ayutthaya, Safari World


A night at Bangkok (when you are sadly passing through)

Nothings more relaxing after a hectic flight than taking the popular dinner cruise if you want to start your trip in a romantic way. Or you can opt for Thai massages which are quite famous worldwide.

Note: There is a unique way of experiencing a relaxed, rejuvenated self through Bangkok Float Center where you float! For more details, follow the below link:

Or you can opt for a speedy Bangkok Tour in a Tuktuk. This tuktuk ride will show you a different side of Bangok (family-oriented) night life and dinner is included. You’ll be left with a memorable experience of a lifetime. Only catch..expensive but it is worth it. Follow the below link for more details:


Temple Tour & Palace Tour : (try to have hotel in Fueang Nakhon road area)

My advice, hire a taxi, or a tuktuk for visiting. The hotel owners in the above mentioned area will assure you all the temples and the palace are in a walking distance. Am not saying that they are saying wrong but walking under blistering sun with sweat running down your back is an experience you will be happy to avoid.

Note: There’s a dress code to visit the palaces and the temples in all of Thailand, please adhere to them.

Start your trip bright and early to avoid sun, traffic & crowd.

Start with Grand Palace which opens its gate at 8:30am sharp and crowd becomes more pronounced as the day goes on.

The palace has been the official residence of the Kings of Siam(and later Thailand) since 1782 till 1925. Although the royal family doesn’t use it now as their residence, it is still used for official events, royal ceremonies and functions.

It’s a huge structure comprising of mainly 3sections, the Outer Court, the Middle and the Inner Court. The most visited attraction of Thailand and truly and fantastically beautiful. One whole day can be spent roaming the ground only. If you’re in Thailand and have only one place to visit, please make it the Grand Palace.

Note: As of March 2017, the viewing of throne halls has been restricted. Only Wat Phra Kaew is open to visitors.

Wat Phra Kaew: Temple of the Emerald Buddha is actually a royal chapel situated inside the Grand Palace grounds. It was established in the early days of Bangkok. The famed Emerald Buddha, the palladium of Thai kingdom is kept here.

Interesting thing to note about the emerald Buddha, “emerald” here refers to its colour rather than the stone. It’s actually made of semi-precious stone. Another trivia is that the Emerald Buddha’s attire is changed three times in a year depending on the season hot, rainy and cool. The costumes not in use are kept on display in the nearby Pavilion of Regalia.

wat phra kaew

Image Source: Google

Move on to Wat Pho: The temple of the Reclining Buddha. It’s next to the grand palace and takes about an hour or more to see it completely. In many people’s opinion, this is the best one to see in Bangkok. Also the temple is famous for the Thai messages near the entrance of the temple. I would recommend the one-hour session at Wat Pho Thai Traditional Medical School for the massage (prior reservation required).


Wat Traimit: Walking distance from the China Town, the temple of the Golden Buddha has an interesting history behind it. Origin of the statue is yet to be determined, some historians are of opinion it was made in India during 13 or 14th century.


At some point, the statue was completely plastered over to prevent it from being stolen. The statue was covered with a thick layer of stucco, which was painted and inlaid with bits of coloured glass, probably during the invasion of Burmese invaders in 1767 and was left unharmed.

During the 19th century, the statue, still covered with stucco, was installed at Wat Chotanaram in Bangkok and later moved in to Wat Traimit.

In 1925 during some renovation, in the final attempt to lift the statue from its pedestal, the statue fell hard on the ground and the plaster came off revealing the gold statue inside.

On 14 February 2010, a large new building was inaugurated at the Wat Traimit Temple to house the Gold Buddha. The building also contains the Bangkok Chinatown Heritage Centre, and an exhibition on the origin of the Gold Buddha.

Save Wat Arun for the last as its splendid during the evening (closes in 17:30 hours). Amazing temple (but with lot of steps) and beautiful garden surrounds it. Take the boat chao phraya express to the temple.

wat arun

Don’t forget to take a picture of the temple in the light of the setting sun from the jetty. Or try to be there at sunrise, if you can get up early. The best place to see a sunrise in Bangkok.

As of March 2017, the exterior facedae of the temple is under restoration. So entry is somehwat restricted..enquire from your hotel before going.

Image Source: wikipedia

Cultural Tour of Bangkok

If you want to see the true essence of Bangkok..the culture of Thailand enmeshed with Bangkok’s own attractions, then scroll down below:

Flower Market: Thailand’s largest wholesale flower market, Pak Khlong Talat is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You should go to see the types of orchids among other types of flowers, for which Thailand is famous. Best time to visit after sunset. But avoid during dawn when the market becomes a place of cacophony.

The best way to get to Bangkok’s Flower Market is to take the SkyTrain to Saphan Taskin station, then transfer to Taksin Pier and take the Chao Phraya Express boat to stop #7, Rajinee. Alternatively, ask a taxi or tuk tuk driver to take you to Pak Khlong Talat.

flower-market.pngImage Source: Google

Floating Market: The best floating market is Amphawa Floating Market (90km from Bangkok)..fruits, vegetables, souvenirs, food and many more things are sold. Go for breakfast specially and you’ll love it.!

And if you are looking for nearest to Bangkok, you can visit Talin Chan Floating Market (12km from Bangkok). But please get there early (by 8am again) to avoid river traffic and crowd. Please note it is only a small market.

floTING MARKETImage Source: Google

Bangkok Art Galleries: Bangkok has a small but very vibrant contemporary art scene. The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, opposite MBK shopping complex, is the city’s latest effort to create an all-integrated art experience.

Art In Paradise the very successful interactive attraction which started in Pattaya, is now open at Esplanade Shopping Mall on Ratchada road. Also referred by locals as the Trickeye Museum or 3D Museum, Art in Paradise is great fun for couples, friends and families to spend a few hilarious hours, especially on rainy days.

artin paradiseImage Source: Google

Puppet Show: The Bangkok Traditional Puppet Show at Aksra Theatre is one of Bangkok’s must-see attractions. Taking place on an elaborate stage, folk tales are told through the classic art of puppetry. What’s unique about this show is that rather than being hidden away, the puppeteers are very much part of the show. Dressed in black, they blend into the background while the colorful puppets come to life. Both the puppets and puppeteers dance along with the live orchestra.
Opening Hours: 10:00-18:00, showtime: 19:30 (Mon-Wed) and 18:30 (Thur-Sun)

Location: King Power Duty Free Complex, Soi Rang Nam, near Victory Monument

BTS: Victory Monument, Phyathai

akstratheatreImage Source: Aksra

Kids Tour

Bangkok has loads of children’s activities starting from Underwater Sea World for the toddlers – more than anywhere else in Thailand, most probably. From ‘edutainment’ venues for kids to learn while they play, to exciting theme parks, games arcades and exciting outdoor attractions, there is something for every type of child. You can even surf in Bangkok! Truly, there is just as much fun and adventure to be had for the little ones as for mom and dad, and the possibilities are endless.

I am just giving the link for more kid-oriented/family activities in Bangkok..


The first place that comes to mind when I hear nightlife in Bangkok is PATPONG NIGHT MARKET.

After recently cleaning up its act, Patpong’s become one of the ‘must’ night shopping destinations for avid shoppers. This market in Bangkok’s notorious nightlife district is often the first and easiest stop for many tourists just arriving to Bangkok, whilst lodging at one of several mid-to-upper-end hotels in Silom. If you aren’t in mood for marketing fake Gucci/Prada bags and Jimmy Choo shoes and bold enough to enter go-go bars, don’t forget to see the infamous ‘Ping-Pong Show’.

Note: This is part of Bangkok’s red-light area, so please don’t take kids with you. Though its safe for people to roam about, watch out for being lured to enter notorious bars.

Bangkok has the most happening night-life in Thailand. Part of the reason why the young generation of not only Thailand but from all over the world loves to live in this part of the country.

For more night-life activities in Bangkok, with the mind to club-hopping, jazz bars etc, follow the below link for details: “”/

ban nightImage Source: Google

Day Tour to Ayutthaya

Car hire prices starts at 2000THB if you hire the taxi for a day or

You can take the public bus services which runs multiple times an hour from stall 99 of Bangkok’s Northern Bus Terminal (Moh Chit) or mini vans to Ayutthaya (catch them from the bus station only).

Ayutthaya also has the royal summer palace to see. But it’s hard to visit the two together in a day. However, it can be done with a little planning.

First visit the Bang Pa-In Palace. Best transport is catch the train. To visit both palace and Ayutthaya, catch the 7am train.

Bang Pa-In palace is the summer palace of the king and it’s beautiful. Amidst vast gardens and landscaping stand the following buildings: Wehart Chamrunt, a Chinese-style royal palace and throne room; the Warophat Phiman, a royal residence; Ho Withun, a brightly painted lookout tower; and the Aisawan Thiphya-Art, a pavilion constructed in the middle of a pond. It’ll take about 2hours to see and I strongly advise to rent the golf cart to speed up your viewing time. Must visit the museum 200m from the exit on the right.

bang pa inImage Source: wikipedia

Ayutthaya historical park: Once you get there, you can hire a cycle (50THB) for a day which is convenient or hire a tuktuk to roam the historical ruins of Ayutthaya. Or you can walk but be prepared for aching feet at the end of the day.

As the name suggests, it is a place for history lovers. The architecture fans can also love it but it is mostly ruins. A whole city was captured and destroyed by Burmese invasion in the 18th century. only some portions of the central and southwestern parts of Ayutthaya Island has been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site, as a result, only certain groups of historical sites including

Wat Ratchaburana, Wat Mahatha, Wat Phra Sri Sanphet, Wat Phra Ram, and Wiharn Phra Mongkhon Bopit are under UNESCO protection.

Most popular sites include: Wat Phra Sri Sunpet, Wat Mahathat,  Wat Ratchaburana, Wat Yanasen, Wat Phra Ram, Wat Thammikarat.

ayutthayaImage Source: Google

Safari World

If you have kids with you or you go ga-ga over animals, then give this park a visit. It consists of a variety of animals like polar bears, orang-utans, and birds like macaws, penguins. There are also shows like dolphin shows, earless seal shows and monkey boxing etc. You can also feed a baby tiger with the milk bottle provided by the staffs.

safari worldImage Source: Google


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